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29 April 2021

6.00-7.00pm (UK)


Admission free

We celebrate the launch of our latest exhibition Live Streams with Peruvian artist Genietta Varsi, who leads a participatory breathing workshop for all those attending the launch. Varsi invites us to explore the flows and circulatory systems in our human bodies –the channels that bring us closer to the liquid basis of life. This event is moderated by the exhibition’s curators Lisa Blackmore, Diego Chocano and Emilio Chapela who will give a brief introduction to the exhibition and its programme of events.

Image: Genietta Varsi, digital illustration from the project Limpieza y salud urbana: desahogo de las aguas(Cleanliness and Urban Health: Flushing out the Waters), 2019

Genietta Varsi

Peru, 1991

Genietta Varsi studied sculpture at the Faculty of Art and Design of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima. Through her practice, she researches how matter (bodies) shape and transform the environment with their behaviors and how they are transformed it. Varsi works with multidisciplinary methodologies and tools, combining art, history, medicine, biology, ecology, mechanics, and anthropology to think and unthink the structures and processes of body and knowledge in daily life. With entre—ríos, she has lead breath work exercises that explore continuities between human and liquid flows. Varsi regularly exhibits her work in Peru and abroad, developing research projects inart residencies in Uberbau_House and FAAP Artistic Residency in São Paulo, Brazil, Molten Capital at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo-Quinta Normal in Santiago de Chile, and Delfina Foundation in London.


Live Streams is curated by Lisa Blackmore (School of Philosophy & Art History and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Essex), Diego Chocano (Assistant Curator of Essex Collection of Art from Latin America/University Art Collections) and Emilio Chapela (Artist and Research Assistant at the University of Essex). This website was built by David Medina.

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